15 Sound Healing Drum Instruments for Meditation and Relaxation

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With regards to leisure and meditation, sound therapeutic is without doubt one of the handiest methods to attain these objectives. Utilizing varied devices that create sound may also help calm your thoughts, scale back stress and nervousness, and promote higher sleep. 

On this weblog publish, we’ll have a look at 15 totally different sound therapeutic devices you need to use for meditation and leisure. So whether or not you’re simply getting began with this follow or are on the lookout for one thing new to strive, there’s certain to be an instrument right here that’s excellent for you!

1) Metal Tongue Drum

The metal tongue drum is a singular percussion instrument excellent for leisure and meditation. These stunning drums are made from high-quality metal and have a mellow, calming sound. 

drums-12-tongue-drum “>

Finest Worth Tongue Drum

drums 12” Metal Tongue Drum”/>
Fly drums 12” Metal Tongue Drum


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The 12″ Metal Tongue Drum from Fly drums is without doubt one of the finest choices obtainable. It’s tremendous simple to play, stunning sounding, and priced competitively. Drumsticks, bag, and songbook included.

Metal tongue drums are simple to play; use your fingertips to strike the tongue within the drum’s middle. The drum will produce a good looking, enjoyable sound that may assist to enhance your temper and focus. 

Metal tongue drums have gotten more and more widespread as individuals search methods to chill out and join with their internal selves. In case you are on the lookout for a good looking, calming instrument that’s simple to play, the metal tongue drum is a wonderful selection.

2) Tuning Forks

Tuning forks are a wonderful instrument for leisure and meditation. When struck, the fork produces a good looking, calming tone that may assist to assuage the thoughts and chill out the physique. 

The forks can be found in a variety of sizes and frequencies, making it simple to search out one which resonates particularly together with your wants. 

Moreover, tuning forks can be utilized alone or together with different devices, making them extremely versatile. So whether or not you need to wind down after an extended day or obtain a deeper state of meditation, a tuning fork could also be simply the factor you want.

3) Tibetan Singing Bowls

The Tibetan Singing Bowl is a mesmerizing percussion instrument used for hundreds of years for leisure and meditation. The bowl is normally made from bronze or copper, and it’s full of a specific kind of steel ball. 

Tibetan Singing Bowl Set by The Ohm Store

When the bowl is struck with a mallet, the balls create a mild, calming sound that may assist to chill out the thoughts and physique. The bowl may also be positioned on the chest or brow, and the vibrations may also help to launch pressure and promote therapeutic. 

The Tibetan Singing Bowl is an extremely versatile instrument, and it may be utilized in varied settings to advertise wellbeing.

4) Hammered Dulcimer

The hammered dulcimer is a percussion instrument that originated within the Center East. It’s composed of two rows of strings stretched over an oblong wood body. The participant strikes the strings with small hammers, producing a transparent, ringing sound. Hammered dulcimers are usually used as solo devices however may also be performed in ensembles.

The sound of the hammered dulcimer is claimed to be enjoyable and meditative. It has a heat, stunning tone excellent for background music or creating a relaxed environment. So if you’re on the lookout for an instrument that can assist you chill out and unwind, the hammered dulcimer could also be an ideal selection.

5) Wind Chimes

There’s one thing in regards to the sound of wind chimes that immediately relaxes the thoughts and brings a way of peace. Possibly it’s the light tinkle of the steel rods or the way in which the wind appears to breathe life into them. 

TreeWorks Chimes U.S.A. Large Single Row, 35-Bar Wind Chime

Regardless of the motive, wind chimes have been used for hundreds of years as a instrument for meditation and leisure. They may also be merely loved for his or her aesthetic magnificence. Whether or not you’re trying to create a relaxed oasis in your house or need to add a contact of magnificence to your backyard, wind chimes are a good looking and versatile choice.

6) Hand Pan (Dangle)

The dangle drum is a percussion instrument with a singular, calming sound that’s excellent for leisure and meditation. The instrument is also referred to as a handpan, and it’s performed by placing the pores and skin with the fingers. The dangle drum has a good looking, soothing tone that may assist to chill out the thoughts and physique. 

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Unimaginable and Inspiring Sound from Meinl

handpan.webp” top=”500″ width=”500″ loading=”lazy” alt=”Meinl Percussion Sonic Power handpan“/>

The instrument is comprised of two steel hemispheres joined on the backside. The highest hemisphere has a sequence of tuned notes, and the underside hemisphere acts as a resonator. In consequence, the dangle drum produces a wealthy, full sound that’s really distinctive. When performed accurately, the dangle drum can have a variety of sounds, from light tones to highly effective beats. 

The instrument is really versatile, and it may be used for quite a lot of functions. The dangle drum is a wonderful selection should you’re trying to chill out.

7) Kalimba

The kalimba is a percussion instrument that originates from Africa. It is usually often known as the thumb piano, performed by plucking the steel tines with the thumbs. The Kalimba has a good looking, calming sound that’s excellent for leisure and meditation. 

Newlam Kalimba Thumb Piano 17 Keys, Portable Mbira Finger Piano

The scale of the Kalimba can range, however most devices have between 10-17 tines. The tines are tuned to create a pentatonic scale, giving the Kalimba a pleasing sound. The Kalimba is a really versatile instrument that may be performed solo or in an ensemble. It is usually widespread for therapeutic music as a result of its calming impact.

8) Djembe

The Djembe is a percussion instrument with a wealthy historical past. Originating in West Africa, it was historically used as part of ceremonial and non secular rituals. The Djembe is exclusive in each its look and its sound. It’s usually comprised of a single piece of wooden, which provides it a good looking pure form. 

drums-djembe-drum-djembe-jembe-is-a-rope-goat-skin-covered-goblet-drum-played-by-hands-west-africa-style-4×8 “>

<a href=drums Djembe – Goat Pores and skin Lined Goblet Drum”/>

The physique of the Djembe is normally embellished with intricate carvings, and the pinnacle is roofed with animal pores and skin. This offers the Djembe a particular look that’s each eye-catching and chic. The sound of the Djembe is equally distinctive. It produces a deep, resonant tone that has a relaxing impact on the listener. 

Because of this, the Djembe is usually used for leisure and meditation. As well as, the rhythmic high quality of the Djembe’s sound may assist to induce trances and altered states of consciousness. 

Briefly, the Djembe is a unprecedented instrument with a variety of capabilities. So whether or not you need to chill out or to discover your non secular aspect, the Djembe may be a useful instrument.

9) Gong

The gong is a percussion instrument used for hundreds of years to chill out the thoughts and physique. Its mellow tones are stated to encourage meditation and promote internal peace. Gongs are comprised of varied supplies, together with bronze, brass, and metal. 

24" to 26" Gongs on the Fruity Buddha Gong Stand - 26" Chau Gong

The scale and form of the gong additionally varies, with some being sufficiently small to slot in the palm of your hand and others giant sufficient to fill a room. Regardless of its easy look, the gong is able to producing a variety of sounds, from mushy and calming tones to loud and highly effective ones. 

Whether or not you’re trying to chill out or energize your self, the gong could be a stunning and efficient method.

10) Didgeridoo

The didgeridoo is a standard Australian percussion instrument that has been used for hundreds of years for ceremonial and cultural functions. The instrument is usually comprised of a hollowed-out tree department or stem, producing a low, resonant, calming, and meditative sound. 

Didgeridoo Teak Wood Painted (59 inch)

Didgeridoos are sometimes embellished with intricate Aboriginal artwork, making them each useful and delightful. As we speak, the instrument is having fun with a resurgence in recognition as individuals search new methods to chill out and join with their heritage. 

Whether or not you’re enjoying the didgeridoo or just listening to its soothing tones, it’s simple to see why this distinctive instrument has such a particular place in Australian tradition.

11) Rainstick

20" Chilean Cactus Rainstick Musical Instrument

There’s one thing in regards to the sound of rain that’s each calming and enjoyable. So it’s no marvel that the rainstick is such a well-liked percussion instrument. Initially utilized by the indigenous individuals of Chile, the rainstick is an extended, skinny tube full of tiny beads or seeds. 

When the rainstick is turned the wrong way up, the beads fall by means of the holes within the tube, creating a mild rain-like sound. The sound of the rainstick can be utilized for meditation or to get pleasure from the great thing about nature. Both method, it’s certain that can assist you chill out and de-stress.

12) Harp

The harp is a stringed instrument that has a sublime, enjoyable sound. Its soothing tones can be utilized for meditation or to chill out and benefit from the stunning music. 

The harp is performed by plucking the strings with the fingers. Every string produces a unique be aware; the harp can have wherever from 23 to 47 strings. As well as, the strings are tuned to create quite a lot of chords and scales. 

The harp additionally has a singular mechanism that permits the participant to create vibrato and different particular results. The harp is a flexible instrument that can be utilized for a lot of totally different genres of music, from classical to pop. Whether or not you’re an skilled musician or a newbie, the harp is a wonderful selection for anybody who needs to chill out and revel in stunning music.

13) Ghanta and Dorje

The Ghanta and Dorje are percussion devices utilized in meditation and leisure. They produce stunning, calming sounds that may assist to chill out the thoughts and physique. The Ghanta is a bell-like instrument, whereas the Dorje is a small hand-held drum. 

Each devices are comprised of brass, every in several configurations and dimensions. The Ghanta is bigger and has a extra mellow sound, whereas the Dorje is smaller and has a sharper sound. The Ghanta is usually struck with a mallet, whereas the Dorje is performed by hand. 

When performed collectively, these two devices create a good looking and enjoyable soundscape that may assist to calm the thoughts and physique.

14) Tingsha Bells

There’s something really enjoyable and meditative in regards to the sound of Tingsha Bells. These stunning little bells are historically utilized in Tibetan Buddhist ceremonies and meditation practices. They’re additionally believed to have many therapeutic properties. 

The sound of the bells is claimed to assist relaxation the thoughts and permit one to let go of all worldly ideas and worries. Tingsha Bells are usually comprised of two small discs related by a Leather-based strap or chain. They’re struck collectively, producing a transparent, high-pitched sound within the air. The sound is claimed to be cleaning and purifying, serving to to create a way of peace and stillness. 

Whether or not you utilize them throughout your meditation follow or get pleasure from their calming affect, Tingsha Bells are a improbable method to chill out and join together with your internal self.

15) Body Drum

The body drum is a percussion instrument with a spherical body, and a pores and skin stretched excessive. It’s believed to have originated within the Center East and continues to be utilized in many conventional music types at this time. 

Frame Drum, 10", with Beater

The body drum is usually used for leisure or meditation, because the rhythmic sound may be very calming. In some cultures, body drums are additionally used for non secular functions, resembling shamanic therapeutic ceremonies. So whether or not you need to chill out or join together with your non secular aspect, the body drum could be a nice choice.

Wrapping Up

Whether or not you’re simply beginning in your meditation journey or are a seasoned professional, including some sound therapeutic percussion devices to your follow may be an effective way to deepen your expertise. 

Should you’ve by no means tried utilizing devices in your follow, give it a shot and see the way it feels. It’s possible you’ll be shocked at how a lot the addition of sound may also help you chill out and obtain a deeper state of meditation. Have we missed one in every of your favourite sound therapeutic percussion devices? Tell us within the feedback under!

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