Which Handpan Scale to Choose? How to Pick.

Have you ever observed that regardless that all handpans look roughly the identical, they sound vastly completely different from each other?

That is as a result of, not like chromatic musical devices which have all of the notes (like a piano or a guitar), handpans are diatonic devices. This implies they’re tuned to solely sure notes that make up a scale — which we additionally name a tuning or sound mannequin.

From the surface, you actually cannot inform the dimensions of a handpan. But it surely seems the names of handpan scales aren’t all that useful both… You may need come throughout names like these when researching handpans: Pygmy, Kurd, La Sirena, Celtic Minor, and so on.

So, what do these all imply?

The handpan artwork type remains to be younger and the names of sound fashions have not been absolutely standardized throughout makers but. Aside from just a few handpan tunings which are truly primarily based on the conventional scale terminology it may laborious to navigate handpan scales.

If selecting the dimensions of your first handpan feels complicated, this text is for you. After studying this, you can broadly acknowledge handpan scales, and you will know methods to decide a handpan that resonates most with you.

Methods to Method handpan Scales

A typical handpan has 8 or 9 notes. If that sounds limiting… keep in mind that every handpan observe holds at the very least 3 frequencies (the basic observe, the octave and the compound fifth on a 1:2:3 ratio). That wealthy layered sound is what makes handpans so satisfying. Moreover, the idea of handpans works exactly as a result of of its restricted variety of notes, not despite it. Consequently, the handpan is primarily intuitive (not mental) which suggests you get to create music freely with out worrying an excessive amount of about music principle.

However because the handpan is restricted to 1 scale… selecting the correct scale remains to be vital! However how do you decide a handpan? Look, I do not about you… however I am not classically skilled. I by no means studied music however I did prepare my ears to acknowledge the ‘sound taste’ in every handpan scale. And I believe you are able to do it too.

All handpan scales just about fall into one among three classes:

  1. MAJOR: Does it sound blissful, joyful or peaceable?

  2. MINOR: Does it sound unhappy, melancholic or tragic?

  3. FLAVORFUL: Does it sound unique or ethnic? (e.g. Asian or Center-Japanese)

As you hearken to handpan movies, ask your self if the instrument sounds “main” or “minor” or “flavorful”. That easy exercice will put you one step nearer to understanding which handpan scale is the fitting one for you.

1) Main: Handpans with Completely satisfied Scales

Main-sounding scales are vibrant, peaceable, cheerful and general: blissful. Handpans with main scales are typically enjoyable and nice to play. They’re very well-suited for meditative play, music remedy or sound therapeutic.

Why would not you need a main handpan scale? Whereas handpans with main scales can immediately deliver you emotions of pleasure, they might lack the strain or the emotion that comes with minor scales.

2) Minor: Handpans with Unhappy Scales

Minor-sounding scales are far more than simply unhappy… They’re advanced, classical, generally darkish and general extra emotional. Having a handpan in a minor scale will assist you to specific highly effective emotions via your music, to create rigidity, suspense and a way of thriller…

Why would not you need a minor scale? Being locked right into a minor scale has its down sides too. It may really feel emotionally heavy to play your handpan at instances when all you actually need is a straightforward second of pleasure.

3) Flavorful: Handpans with Unique Scales

Flavorful scales could be each main and minor however they sometimes stand out due to their cultural taste — differing from western music. Indian, Center-Japanese and Chinese language scales are a few of the most typical flavorful handpan scales. These kind of scales are extremely stunning and magical. You solely want to shut your eyes and the melodies of those handpans will transport you to the ends of the world immediately.

Why would not you need an unique handpan scale? These scales can very particular and lock you right into a slender musical repertoire, thus making it troublesome to work round that predominant taste. When you go for a flavorful handpan scale, be sure you completely find it irresistible.


So, what is the best handpan scale? That is 100% subjective and as much as you to resolve. However now you understand how to select your handpan amongst main, minor and flavorful scales. In the end, you may want one among every! 🙂

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