Hang Drum & Handpan History

Grasp Drum & Handpan Historical past

Aaron playing the Handpan

A lot has modified because the Grasp® (drum) was first created within the yr 2000.

Earlier than we delve into the historical past of this superb instrument and the way it got here to be, we first want discuss concerning the controversy surrounding its identify and why you shouldn’t name it a Grasp Drum.

So, first issues first, we have to clear up that the instrument shouldn’t be technically known as a Grasp drum. It is a misnomer. It’s, in truth known as a “Grasp Instrument”, “Grasp cling” or simply “Grasp”.

Probably the most applicable identify for devices made in inspiration of the unique Grasp ® is Handpan or Pantam.

With that stated, it’s honest to say that the inaccurate time period “Grasp drum” has caught on and isn’t going away, regardless of the desires of its unique creators.

The Grasp was launched to the general public area in 2001 by an organization known as PANArt and was created the yr earlier than by Felix Rohner and Sabina Schärer – each from Bern, Switzerland.

In late 2013 PANArt determined to discontinue the manufacturing of the Sound Sculpture Grasp completely and as a substitute concerted their efforts on all kinds of latest creations; the Gubal, Urgu, Gudu, Gede, Godo and Balu Urgu.

Though PANArt’s new devices in 2014 sounded nice, they did not fairly have the identical extremely resonant sound that the unique Grasp design produced, and because of this, the unique Grasp and devices made in its picture are nonetheless extremely wanted.

As a result of the unique design of the sound sculpture Grasp® created such a fantastic and resonant sound, the discontinuation of the favored design created a void. Whereas the manufacturing of the design might have stopped for over 6 years, the demand for this distinctive instrument actually didn’t.

2022 Replace: Based on PANArt’s web site (https://panart.ch) the Grasp® sculpture is now out there and remains to be being made by their tuners, so in the event you love the sound of the unique Grasp® and completely will need to have one, you’ll be able to! Contact them for particulars through their web site.

Since 2014, a wide range of alternate options are actually out there that are available many various varieties, every having their very own distinctive sound, very often at a way more extra inexpensive worth.

The various kinds of Handpans

There are two various kinds of Handpans out there:


The time period Handpan is used to explain the devices impressed by the unique PANArt Grasp. These devices normally have a dimple in the midst of every observe and usually have a Gu (gap) on the underside of the instrument. Handpans typically have anyplace between 7 to 24 notes, though 9 observe Handpans are the most typical.

Tongue Drums

Though Tongue drums are technically Handpans as nicely, relatively than having dimples for every observe, every observe is reduce into the drum in a tongue like form. The maker can tune the tongues by various the size of the cuts, or by including weights to the tongues. These devices are typically inexpensive and are available a variety of completely different shapes, sizes, and designs.

Selecting which sort of Handpan is best for you

Within the video under, Lucius Harvey demonstrates various kinds of Handpans.

Smaller metal tongue drums don’t reverberate as a lot because the bigger ones. So in different phrases, you don’t get as a lot of a “full” and loud sound out of them. You’ll discover within the video that the bigger the instrument is, the higher it sounds and the longer it reverberates.

One of many downsides to the tongue drums is that they aren’t as loud when they’re performed with the fingers, which is why most Metal Tongue Drums include a pair of mallets to hit the drums with. The mallets make the drum sound louder and in addition makes the sound reverberate longer. Sadly utilizing the mallets actually takes away the “texture” and variety that comes with taking part in an instrument like this along with your palms. With all of that stated, a lot of the tongue drums are additionally considerably inexpensive.

This video will shortly allow you to resolve which type of instrument is for you. The video demonstrates nicely that the bigger the instrument, the higher high quality of sound is produced.

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