Yamaha PSR-E373 and Stand Keyboard with a Playground Learning Subscription

220,00 $

A high quality portable keyboard featuring a variety of realistic sounds. Perfect for learning and having fun.

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Keyboard Description

The PSR-E373 is packed with well over 622 stunning sounding instrument Voices and a wealth of accompaniment Styles. 11 Super Articulation Lite Voices (SALite), inherited from the powerful PSR-S models, are now included, which give you even greater expressive, real time, control (e.g. String Scratches/Guitar Slide noise), adding to the realism of the Voice. It features touch sensitive keys, on-board lessons, computer and mobile device connectivity, and much more! The USB to HOST port allows for both MIDI and audio to pass to and from a computer’s recording software with a single cable, making the PSR-E373 a great instrument to get started with home recording.

In addition to the PSR-E373 piano, this Playground Sessions bundle includes the KS7190 keyboard stand, Samson SR400 headphones, a power supply and a USB cable to connect to Playground Sessions on your computer or iPad.


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