Casio PX-770 Keyboard with a Playground Learning Subscription

478,00 $

A slim, modern digital piano. Provides a true grand piano experience.


Keyboard Package Details
  • 88 Weighted Keys
  • True Grand Piano Experience — authentic sound and natural feel
  • Slim and Modern Design
  • Built-in damper, sustain, and soft pedals
  • Built-in keyboard cover
  • Samson SR400 Over Ear Headphones
  • USB cable
Keyboard Description

The world-renowned Privia family of digital pianos grows with the PX-770, designed to provide a true grand piano experience in a slim, modern design. With authentic piano sound, natural feel and impressive features, the PX-770 is a brilliant instrument for inspiring brilliant performances.

In addition to the PX-770, this Playground Sessions bundle includes Samson SR400 Over Ear Headphones and a USB cable to connect to Playground Sessions on your computer or iPad.


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