Singorama Review 2023: Best Online Singing Lessons?

Before starting with my Singorama review, let’s start with a brief about the platform first. Singorama is a comprehensive singing course for people with absolutely no background in music. It helps them advance further and learn music through theories, software, and planned audio lessons. 

But that’s not all! It’s a one-stop destination for pro singers as well. They can sign up to relearn the basics of singing and avoid mistakes. Over the years, you will start noticing a strain on your vocals. This becomes apparent when vocal breaks become frequent, and before long, you’re pushed back to where you started. 

To avoid such a scenario, proper guidance is essential to unmask your true potential. And Singorama plans to give you that on a silver platter. It aims to improve your tone, pitch, range, and control. You don’t have to be a music major to achieve that. 

However, this couldn’t have been possible without the brains of Melanie Alexander. Melaine is the voice behind Singorama’s singing course. She has served as the lead singer of the Australian band – “Girlfriend.” 

Most private vocal coaches are expensive, slow at delivering results, and still, teach in traditional ways. That’s why Melaine plans to provide quality vocal lessons that can truly transform your voice. Besides, vocal training provided by coaches can be quite lagging as most singers have naturally beautiful voices. So, they can’t understand the real problems students face. 

Here, a professional singer like Melaine can be great. She knows the ins and outs of singing and has faced quite a lot of issues herself, which can be immensely helpful.

What’s Great About Singorama voice program?

Singorama is an expansive voice trainer and developer, carrying perks that few personal coaches offer. It delivers everything from online singing lessons to even sharing valuable insights for countering stage fright. After enrolling in the Singorama 2.0 program, you get 28 downloadable audio tracks for vocal training. 

The Singorama system has been designed in such a breezy manner that you can easily grasp the basics. You can train your vocal muscles to master the perfect tone with techniques like the Organic Auto-Tune Technique. Also, the Loaded Sonancy Method teaches proper breathing and posture. This is a must for every singer for agile singing and reaching a higher note. 

Besides that, this singing course boasts some other essentials that are great for every singer. These Singorama essentials, which are included in the course, are briefly explained below.

Singorama 2.0 Essentials – Program summary

1. 28 Audio Lessons

The Singorama course contains 28 audio lessons. Starting off, you’re taught basics like proper warm-up exercises, breathing techniques, and posture. These lessons later advance to teach the technical side of music to transform you into a professional singer. 

Vocal exercises, voice training, and different singing styles are a part of these lessons. They also share some valuable insights about auditioning, band singing, performance anxiety, etc. (Note that every audio lesson is 18 to 22 minutes long on average.)

But if you’re wondering how it all unfolds, then know that it’s all in the techniques. The Octave Power Generator is used to increase your range and improve the vocal quality. Even the knowledge about bad habits that should be avoided for improved performance is also shared. Other than that, some audio tutorials about the music theory essentials are also present in the Singorama course

The art of singing can’t be mastered without knowing the technical part of things. And lessons like time signatures, key signatures, rhythm, Solfege System, major and minor keys, etc., all focus on the technical side of music. 

These lessons are essential to understanding and dissecting a song. You can form a bond with a properly understood song and unravel the emotions behind the lyrics. And can then employ them while singing. 

This makes your singing more soulful and adds a touch of flame to your angelic voice. 

2.  Mini Recording Studio Software

I had the opportunity and finances of enrolling in a one-on-one vocal training class before. And let me tell you; it wasn’t a great experience. My trainer was quick to label my vocal range and categorize my singing style, which was sort of demoralizing. I could’ve stopped singing altogether because of that, and this has made me averse to one-on-one vocal trainers. 

So, in that sense, I found Singorama excellent as you are your own progress evaluator through this mini recording studio software. I believe we are our worst critics at times, and Singorama believes that too. No wonder we’re left to our own devices regarding progress evaluation. 

You can record your voice and evaluate it after doing vocal exercises. After careful analysis, you can note the area that requires improvement. 

Not only that, but this studio software also features a virtual keyboard which is absolutely terrific. Fingers glide smoothly while practicing scales, and it all feels natural. 

3. Advancement App

The course doesn’t end at 28 lessons alone. It features an advancement app too, where learned concepts can be easily applied. The app softly pushes you forward to improve your overall breathing and singing by providing guidance in the form of crisp vocal lessons. 

After you’re done with your usual singing lesson, hop onto this app with 120 tracks. They will prove helpful during vocal practices. But that’s not the great part! The great thing about this app is its usage for warming up vocal cords before getting into the form for singing. 

In my earlier years, I had skipped many such warm-up sessions, which took a toll on my vocal muscles, and now I know how damaging it can be. That’s why I religiously follow the in-app warm-up techniques to maintain healthy vocal cords. If your story relates to mine, you’ll love them too. 

4. Bonus

The goodness of this virtual vocal training course doesn’t end here! Besides the essentials, you’re provided with very extensive bonus modules listed below. 

A. Vocal Warm-Up Audios

In “lesson 2: Warm-ups and strengthening the voice”, you’re taught about gentle warmups before singing. Warm-ups help in relaxing our vocal muscles and better extend our vocal range. 

The warm-up audios gently prepare us and stretch the cords so they can prepare for vocal training later. These quick exercises are fun and help loosen up your voice for better agility while singing. They protect against damage and, as such, are extremely important.

B. Vocal Strengthening Exercises 

Oftentimes, we set pitch and note as the core objective of our vocal training. But we forget the importance of other aspects like delivery and tone. These are as important as the former, and as such, the vocal strengthening exercises are designed keeping these aspects in mind. The strengthening exercises cater towards improving delivery and tone while singing. 

This helps transform your voice and promotes voice agility to improve the overall quality. It strengthens your delivery where you can assess how it sounds before moving forward to increase notes and improve the pitch. 

C. Range Extension Exercises

Now comes the most important reason why even advanced singers opt for vocal coaches and trainers, and that’s: range extension. Who doesn’t want to sing that G10 like Georgia Brown or have the soulful and velvety vocal of Whitney Houston? 

These extensive audio lessons are meant for that. You can use the lessons to test your range and work on it to take it further. These exercises will challenge and stretch your chords so you can sing higher and better without any cracking or breaking of voice. 

D. Interval Training 

If you’re planning to audition and become a professional singer, this bonus progressive intervals lesson would be beneficial. The training aims to give singers an edge after mastering the solfege system and other exercises contained in this course. You can harmonize and recognize the pitches to sing them aloud. This is something that would’ve been impossible to master before. 

Audiation can be challenging for new singers, and you’ll be able to master this with the exercises contained in this training course. So, in a nutshell, you’ll be learning to sing better and be a great performer. 

5. Platinum Inner Circle Free Trial 

Apart from bonuses, you can opt for a free trial of the Platinum Inner Circle. With this, you’ll get full access to new interactive vocal lessons every month. However, there’ll be extra charges for the same after the initial free trial. 

Other than that, songwriting guidance is also provided to help you write your first song. 

How Much Does Singorama Cost?

I am a rational human being, and I’m sure you’re too. No matter how great the product, we don’t choose it if it’s way over our budget. We want a great product at a reasonable price, and fortunately, Singorama follows a reasonable plan. Unlike other online singing courses, which are priced way over a hundred dollars, Singorama is quite affordable. 

With all the bonuses and lessons (including the pitch lesson and tone lesson), you’ll only be paying $67, which isn’t even close to $100! You can also opt for the first songwriting lesson at $49.95. Moreover, if you aren’t satisfied with the purchase, there’s always an option of a full refund. 

If, after eight weeks, you don’t like their so-called “very complete training program,” then all your money will be refunded. Furthermore, you wouldn’t have to deal with troublesome questions to avail of such a refund. 

As Singorama’s way of conveying its gratitude, all your bonuses will stay with you even if a refund is initiated. So, in all, it isn’t a bad choice!

Pros And Cons Of Singorama – Review Summary

I have done a brief assessment of my experience with the platform and whether it’s a worthy investment to improve your vocals. But before that, let me ask, what accounts for a worthy vocal training program? I don’t know about you, but I’d vote for the vocal coach. 

A vocal coach is the formidable pillar of any training program. And it’s great if the coach has real experience in singing too. In that aspect, I found Singorama particularly great as Melanie is a former singer herself, and she knows what works. However, that’s also a thing worth mulling over as Melanie being a female coach, can’t meet the vocal needs of a male singer. 

As male vocal types differ from females, male students might find this course slightly lagging. But if that’s not a problem for you, then this course would prove beneficial. It contains almost all aspects of music that need to be learned for fine-tuning. 

Singorama is transparent and doesn’t make false claims regarding improving your vocals in weeks or so. It’s realistic, and this is clearly visible from the course outline. Moreover, for better decision-making, the platform offers a free trial, so you can arrive at the right conclusion. 

For a better assessment, you can review the pros and cons of signing up with Singorama listed below and arrive at an informed conclusion later.

Pros Of Singorama 

  • Affordable ($67 only)
  • Experienced vocal coach
  • A carefully designed training course
  • Transparent with no false claims 
  • No time limit; learn at your own pace
  • Digital download available for tracks 
  • Contains singing software 
  • Backed with a 60-day money-back guarantee 

Cons Of Singorama

  • No expert feedback on progress
  • No video lessons 
  • The absence of a male coach as male ranges differs from female

Who Should Consider Singorama?

Beginners, intermediate-level singers, and even advanced professionals can opt for Singorama. The course covers everything of importance with only a few lagging bits. And you can learn at your own pace without any rushing or fear of deadlines. 

This course is designed for everyone, from people who want to get started with the art of singing to trained artists who constantly suffer from vocal breaks during transitions. It’s a complete training program that doesn’t make you feel like a novice. The audio quality is excellent, and lessons are downloadable. 

It’s a more complete singing program than the other singing courses available online. The platform provides extensive knowledge of music theory and different singing styles. Its voice strengthening lesson and the octave power generator part were particularly amazing. They were the reasons why I enrolled.

I went on an extended break post-pregnancy. But while training with Singorama, I was instantly teleported to the days when I could sing efficiently without exhausting my vocal muscles. Although I haven’t reached the same level yet, I’ll soon be able to (or I think I should be able to.) All I need is just 10 minutes of dedication every day.

Now, I’m not saying that you’ll transform into a soprano like Aguilera or mezzo-soprano like Houston in a few days of training. Even the platform doesn’t make such false claims! 

You have to put in the effort and learn from your mistakes. Also, ensure that you properly evaluate yourself during mini record sessions to reach that level. 

Final Remarks – Do I recommend Singorama? 

As I’m nearing the end of this Singorama review, all I’d say is that it’s one of the most impressive singing courses out there. The vocal exercises compiled by Melanie are great for both beginners and advanced students.

They are excellent for improving your singing voice and improving delivery. But I wouldn’t say that it’s some magic pill that will exceptionally improve your vocals just after the first try. If you desire to advance your singing career and are just a newbie, then lots of practice is required. 

You need to put in the best effort every day to notice any difference in singing skills. If you’re ready for that, then the online singing lessons and bonus vocal exercises would help you achieve your set goals. 

Once the recipe for hard work is ready, rest assured your transformed singing voice will just be around the corner and you’ll find this superior singing method a must for your improvement.


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