Adam Lambert — Comin In Hot (Official Video)

«Comin' In Hot» Out Now:

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Video Directed by: @milesandaj
Glam: @jonlieckfeltbeauty
Vibe: @jskystyle
featuring my loves: @miss_shalae @sutanamrull @javicostapolo @whereisjohnnyrice @daniellestori @madamejeuge @jovancarrington @iamsatarra @thepocketqueen @comagirl_ *Big thanks to the @hwoodgroup and @thepeppermintclub


Read my mind Open up
Faded I fall into you
Get me high On your touch
Tracing the outline of you
Don’t let Go Now No Slowin Down
I’m a Fire and I’m burnin

Comin In Hot, Comin In Hot
No chill for me
Comin In Hot, Comin In Hot
Red Wine and Weed
I want your touch come out ur hands on me
I want my love to feed your Vanity
Comin In Hot

Novacaine In my mouth.
Tying my tongue like u do.
Say my name say it loud
Tell me what u wanna do

Don’t let Go now no slowing down
I’m a fire and I’m Burnin


Feel the fire- let it go
Take it higher — lose control oh

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