Jasmine Kara — CALL BACK (Official Video)

Spotify: http://bit.do/JKSPOT
Instagram: @jasminekaras
Facebook: http://bit.do/JKF
Written by: Jasmine Kara and Oliver Forsmark
Video produced by: Cristian Bernal (@soylocobernal)
For any contact : cristian@zeroshinemusic.com
Credits: Michelle Bernal, Lovely, Anna von Koch, Melinne & Felicia Bernal von Koch.
Radiovoice and tribute to: The legendary Sir Terry Wogan


Candles in the shower
They’ve been Burning Wild for a while

Yea I’ve handled sweet and sour
But you are such a fine different kind

All that I ask is for you to come inside
Of my mind
All that I need is that you love me from Behind
What you think is right

But you never Call back
So I call back
Tho I know it’s so wack

But you never call back
So I fall back on the same track
Tho you never chall back

Cancelled After an hr
And for sure it aint the first time
But why ?

All that I want right now is to sit on your
On your Pride
So you could see that I only wanna ride
By your side

Baby I’m falling deeper
Even though I know
That you ain’t a keeper
And I should let it go

I’m so damn blind
Aint got no control
Wish I could see that you aint all that
And you have never been all that

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