Diana Krall Amelia Live at Joni Mitchell 75th Birthday Concert

Amelia from Joni Mitchell's 1976 album Hejira is covered by Diana Krall at Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration. The all-star tribute to the legendary singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell was live at Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in the Music Center, Los Angeles, CA on November 6, 2018. Born in Canada, Joni Mitchell has been a Los Angeles resident for decades, making her home in Bel Air.

The Joni Mitchell 75th birthday concert featured performances of songs from all stages of Mitchell’s life and career. The live performers were Emmylou Harris, Graham Nash, Kris Kristofferson, Chaka Khan, Diana Krall, Los Lobos, Norah Jones, Rufus Wainwright, Seal, Glen Hansard, James Taylor and Brandi Carlile in front of an audience of over 3,000 adoring fans.

San Diego Union Tribune excerpt: The fact that Joni Mitchell, who hasn’t toured since 2000, did not sing or speak to the audience Wednesday was no surprise.

Still recovering from her brain aneurysm, she now uses a wheelchair. But when Mitchell appeared on stage at the conclusion of the concert, it was with a cane and the steadying support of Charles Valentino and Sauchuen Yu.

The last time she was on a stage anywhere was in 2013 in Toronto, where Mitchell performed three songs, on two successive nights, at a pair of pre-70th birthday concerts in her honor.

Not coincidentally, “JONI 75” was the brainchild of Jörn Weisbrodt, who also put together the 2013 Mitchell tributes and is Rufus Wainwright’s husband. The stage design Wednesday paid homage to her Canadian roots, with ice skates hanging on one side, an ice hockey stick and snow shoes near the other. Film clips of Mitchell were shown in between different artists taking the stage, while large blowups of her paintings and photos of her were shown during the performances.

“JONI 75: A Birthday Celebration” Setlist
Set One
1. “Court and Spark,”” Norah Jones
2. “Coyote,” Glen Hansard
3. “For The Roses,” Diana Krall
4. “Blue,” Rufus Wainwright
5. “Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire,” Emmylou Harris
6. “The Magdalene Laundries,” Emmylou Harris
7. “Help Me,” Chaka Khan
8. “Dreamland,” Los Lobos,” Marisol Hernandez,” Cesar Castro & Xochi Flores
9. “Nothing Can Be Done,” Los Lobos
10. “River,” James Taylor
11. “Both Sides Now,” Seal

Set Two
1. “Our House,” Graham Nash
2. “A Strange Boy,” Seal
3. “All I Want,” Rufus Wainwright
4. “Borderline,” Norah Jones
5. “Amelia,” Diana Krall
6. “The Boho Dance,” Glen Hansard
7. “A Case of You,” Kris Kristofferson and Brandi Carlile
8. “Down To You,” Brandi Carlile
9. “Two Grey Rooms,” Chaka Khan
10. “Woodstock,” James Taylor
11. “Big Yellow Taxi”

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